Get Japanese hair straightening treatment

The Japanese hair straightening goes by many names such as thermal reconditioning or the straight perm to others. The hair treatment procedure originated in Japan in the late 1990s and has found its way to the rest of the world and especially USA. This procedure for straightening hair is perhaps the most popular one among all that are available and women simply love it. Perhaps the reason has to do with its being more of a permanent hair straightening procedure. If you want to get yourself the Japanese hair straightening procedure there are a few helpful tips you will need to keep in mind regarding the products used and the hair stylists.

Tips #1 – Duration of stay

It is true that the once you have got thermal reconditioning you could stay for the next six or seven months with your hair still straight. The process involves shampooing with a best shampoo for hair , heating using lamps, blow out and then at least two rounds of using the flat iron. When the lengthy procedure is over you will end up with a smooth shiny silky look on your hair but will be slapped with a bill of an average of $750. This will be the cost of everything they will do to your hair. You must avoid all moisture after the process or any contact with water for at least 72 hours. The best thing about h e whole exercise is that you hair will be left with a rich texture that you are going to love entirely.

Tip #2 – Selecting the stylist

You will be paying dearly for this procedure and as such you must make sure that the salon and the stylist you are going to use have a perfect reputation and are experienced in doing the Japanese hair straightening. You will need to keep in mind that there are two Japanese products made for this hair procedure known as Yuko and Lisco and both are extremely safe and positive to be used without any negative side effects.

Tip #3 – After care products

Doing the Japanese hair straightening is one thing and maintaining the good results you will see on your head is quite another. You must follow the instructions you are given by your hair stylist to the letter in order to protect your hair from the effects of the sun and the moisturizing effects of ultra violet rays. There are numerous after care products to protect your hair as well as sun protection sprays which you need to invest in as well. You will keep away from dying your hair for at least two months after you have done thermal reconditioning. If you feel like changing the color of your hair after that, it will be advisable to have a professional stylist to do it for you.


Japanese hair straightening is basically safe but it is still in order for you to conduct just a little bit of research so as to know that procedure well enough. You could also read the credentials of several salons online as well as trying to find out if there are any hidden charges anywhere.

On The Go Inflatable Potty Seat

Parents, grandparents, caregivers, and toddlers can all benefit from portable On the Go Inflatable Potty Seats. Potty training toddlers in an unfamiliar setting can be upsetting and quite a daunting task. Working parents may also find potty training more difficult, especially when they have to rely on grandparents and caregivers to uphold their potty train routines.

Traveling with toddlers can also make it more difficult to potty train harder to potty train since children are taken out of their comfort zone. Children like familiarity and being in a different environment can delay this process and ultimately be a huge setback. The On the Go Inflatable Potty Seat is an inexpensive way to provide soft comfort during the potty training process.

These handy inflatable potty seats are available in plain pink and blue colors or with character faces and are also available in convenient three packs. Each disposable seat is easy to inflate and deflate and includes a comfortable backrest for support. There are also plastic handles on each side of the seat for toddlers to hold onto and a stabilizer ring on the bottom of the inflatable potty seat which holds it securely in place. Each package also includes a patch just in case the On The Go Inflatable Potty Seat is damaged or punctured. So far, I’ve kept this inflatable potty seat inflated in my bathroom for the past week and have not noticed any deflation issues.

My Take:

We found the On The Go Inflatable Potty Seat easy to use, convenient, and easy to inflate. I’ve used this inflatable potty seat with my 15 month old granddaughter Natalee at my home and so far the inflatable seat works great.

The past few months, Natalee has become very uncomfortable in wet or messy diapers and and will let us know by pulling on her diaper and crying. Were hoping that by introducing her to the inflatable potty seat earlier than usual, it will help to speed up the process. Our current goal is to try to have her potty trained by the time she’s eighteen months old or at least half way there. The fact that Natalee will sit on this inflatable potty seat without a diaper is a big plus!

Natalee is still wearing diapers because she isn’t quite sure what she’s supposed to be doing on the toilet just yet. However, she does seems quite content sitting on the inflatable potty seat. Right now, she views the inflatable potty seat as a big, soft toy and she seems to be very interested in it. Natalee also likes to point and touch the cute character face but getting her to sit still is another matter altogether! Lately, we’ve been placing the inflatable potty seat on the toilet seat wherever she goes hoping for a tinkle to get the process started . Once that happens we can start with the clapping and praise. As for now, were just happy the inflatable potty seat has her wanting to sit on the toilet!

Personally, I think this inflatable potty seat is a great invention, especially for germ conscious parents or grandparents like myself. When my children were toddlers, I hated the idea of them having to use public bathrooms as they are often one big breeding ground for germs and diseases. Those paper toilet liners offered just don’t offer enough protection in my opinion. The On The Go Inflatable Potty Seat sits up high and has handles on each side of the seat which prevents toddlers from having touching the toilet seat or holding onto the sides of the actual toilet seat for balance. The seat is also designed to help prevent toddlers from falling into a germ infested toilet!

For peace of mind, I will be carrying the On The Go Inflatable Potty Seat with me every time I’m out and about with my granddaughter.

Review: PBS KIDS Super Why~Humpty Dumpty and other Fairytale Adventures

Super Why is funded by the U.S Department of Education, the Corporation for Public Broadcasting’s ‘Ready to Learn‘ grant, and PBS KIDS viewers as well as supporters like Chuck E Cheese’s

Release Information:

  • Video Manufacturer: PBS Distibution
  • Video Release Date: March 15, 2011
  • Video Release Year: 2011
  • Video UPC: 0009736820704
  • Number of Disk: One
  • Specifications: Widescreen with English Stereo
  • Rating: Not Rated
  • Runtime: 100 minutes
  • SRP: $14.99 U.S

With a target audience of children ages 3 to 6, Super Why: Humpty Dumpty and Other Fairytale Adventures is a really cute, interactive, educational cartoon featured on PBS Kids that focuses on basic reading education for preschoolers. Each animated story is less than half an hour long and focuses on a very colorful ‘magical’ world of fairytale characters and creatures called Storybrook village which is hidden behind bookshelves in a children’s library

The four main characters and ‘best friends’ include Whyatt, the leader and little brother of Jack from Jack and the Beanstalk, and his three best friends Red, Pig, and Princess. Each of these characters are based on fictional story book characters preschoolers and parents alike will easily recognize from fairytale’s. These friends include Pig from the Three Little Pigs, Red from Little Red Riding Hood, and Princess from the fairytale Princess & the Pea.

Super Reader Princess Presto featuring her super spelling powers

Called upon from their secret clubhouse named “The Book Club,” these four cute characters transform into superhero’s called Super Readers with special powers who go on reading adventures by flying into story books. Whyatt becomes ‘Super Why’ with the power to read, Pig becomes ‘Alpha Pig’ with alphabet powers, Red becomes ‘Wonder Red’ with word powers, and Princess becomes ‘ Princess Presto’ with spelling powers. secret clubhouse named ‘The Book Club’.

Episodes include:

Humpty Dumpty – Pig has climbed to the top of his brand new slide and he’s afraid to come down. The Super Readers fly into the Humpty Dumpty book to figure out how he can safely get down from that wall.

Cinderella – Red, who’s not a princess, is worried about fitting in at Sleeping Beauty’s princess party. The Super Readers leap into the book of Cinderella to see how she handled her own princess problem.

Pinocchio – Whyatt told a lie and he feels really guilty! The Super Readers visit Pinocchio, a boy who also fibbed and whose NOSE is growing, right before his eyes! Pinocchio needs the literacy-powered assistance of the Super Readers to face up to Gepetto…nose and all.

Rumpelstiltskin – Princess Pea’s father is busy, busy, busy with no time to help her tie up her skates. The Super Readers use their literacy powers to visit another Princess whose funny little helper, Rumpelstiltskin, is far too busy to help her spin straw into gold.

The Super Readers solve problems with their literacy powers.

  • Pig becomes ‘Alpha Pig’ with alphabet powers
  • Red becomes ‘Wonder Red’ with word powers
  • Princess becomes ‘Princess Presto’ with spelling powers
  • Whyatt becomes Super Why with the Power to Read
  • Super You – The power to help!

In each of the four episodes of Super Why: Humpty Dumpty and Other Fairytale Adventures, children are encouraged to participate as leader Whyatt explains to little viewers before each episode “In this story, we will apply the alphabet, practice the magic of spelling, & use the power to read to change the story!” Before each episode, Super Why and the Super Readers visit Storybrook village-where all the story book friends live! The first episode is titled Humpty Dumpty and begins with friend and Super Reader Pig, who discovers he is afraid to slide down his new slide. Whyatt (Super Why) and fellow Super Readers resolve to help find a solution to Pig’s fear of sliding by looking into the book Humpty Dumpty.

Super Why and the Super Readers look to help Pig overcome his fear by using their literacy powers. Once the four friends transform, they are able fly into the book Humpty Dumpty. Whyatt and the Super Readers often engage preschoolers by having them help them learn and discover letters of the alphabet to solve problems as well as spell and read in a fun and engaging manner. The goal is to discover a connection by reading.

Through participation, preschoolers learn that both Pig and Humpty Dumpty are afraid of something! Humpty is afraid of falling as is Pig! The story features Pig interacting with viewers by using letters to find alphabet snacks used to lure the kings horses away from the wall Humpty Dumpty sits on. This way Pig, Super Why, and the Super Readers can help Humpty down from the wall.

In this cartoon, young readers are encouraged to keep their eyes out for ‘Super Letters.’ Each letter is significant. These super letters are put into Whyatt’s (Super Why) ‘Super Computer’ to find the Super Story Answer! Little viewers can help out by spelling out words with a Super Reader to make items apear! With all of the super letters spelled out, the Super Story Answer spells out a word which helps Pig not be afraid to go down the slide! Preschoolers can also interact with music at the end of each episode and the colorful animation is sure to capture their attention throughout the story.

Each of the four episodes takes the viewer and Super Readers on an exciting adventure involving the alphabet, spelling, and reading. This DVD also features a ‘For Parents’ section that features activities that can be viewed or printed in PDF form and a Special Features section for kids with music, games, and more!